In the fifteen years I've been teaching along the US / Mexico border, I have come to believe that the momentum of the knowledge we share should result in positive action. Teaching students about the power of discourse and how it can shift their realities contributes to part of the action pedagogy I profess.

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The youth of this nation paves our path to the future. I strive to teach my students the ways in which they can change and engage the world they live in through writing.

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Archival Research

Many valid and poignant voices from history have been silenced or repressed. One of my research agendas focuses on recovering the rhetorics of Mexican women journalists' writings from 1876-1940.

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About Me

Viviendo en dos mundos - Having lived along the US / Mexico border for eighteen years, I carry a unique perspective and a deep understanding of two cultures clashing, coming together, and becoming one.

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